Explaining the software

       We've created this software based on an algorithm with a system that will tell you exactly what to do to make you constantly win at casino roulette and you have to understand that the idea of luck disappears once you start using it. We're talking about over 99.6% chances of winning roulette on a session once you start using this algorithm if of course, you use it correctly. To mention that we can't talk about 100% of winning at a game of chance, that would mean that the player has infinite chances.

       Casinos are pretty profitable businesses and I have to admit that they often caught me well, and when they didn't, I couldn't blame them because I knew from the beginning what the risk was. It's not the casinos' fault when people lose their money. Every man is responsible for his own decisions, not casinos have destroyed lives, but man's greed, despair, or stupidity. As many have lost, there have been others who have earned unimaginable sums.

                          Although I would like to say that this is a win-win situation, the casinos will lose.


 The algorithm itself was born after many months of work on the part of our team so that we finally get to say that this is the safest method in the world! 

        You have to understand that you don't need to know the roulette game to be able to use this method, so anyone can make money using this algorithm, whether it's a professional gambler or a man who's never stepped into a casino, below you have the basic rules for using the program to its maximum capabilities.

       The method itself will calculate your bet in units. A unit can be as much as you choose to be from the range [1-1000] (integer), the currency in which it is expressed is irrelevant.

        A second key element of the algorithm is the Session. A session will begin by recommending a bet equal to the value of the unit and will end when you have a profit unit. For example, you start the session with $1000 game capital, the unit you choose as equal to $3, and the session will be considered finished when your game capital is $1003.


      We are not going to recommend any casino because we don't want it to be that we are being helped in any way by any casino, plus we don’t want you to think that we promote a certain casino. You will use this website only to start our program that will recommend your bet according to the next move.

      Don't worry about the legality that comes with using this program. It is perfectly legal to use a strategy in a casino and we are not discussing here any boot that plays automatically, our program just recommends some figures results purely mathematical.

The program might seem complicated but it is very easy to use








6)    $$$$


1) Add your capital

2) Add your unit of choice

3) Start session

4) Place the bet recommended by the program

5) After you have started the session, the software will tell you what to bet on, and depending on the result, you will press the buttons with 'I won' or 'I lost' for the software to guide your next move so that you successfully finish the first session.

6) Repeat the process as many time as you want and enjoy your profit


Choosing your casino

Find a casino that provides a roulette that allows you to run any amount from 1 to at least 500 (if you play on the unit of  1). Make sure you don't have any casino bonuses when you deposit your future game money. Casinos offer these bonuses because when you have an active bonus, it is necessary to successfully run(play) that amount  100-250times in order to withdraw the money, and thus increase their chances to stay with the money, because after all the chances are in their favor in the majority of cases, and the rolls of roulette and blackjack are 10% at most casinos because they are the only places where the casino risks the most and so you will have to you play the slots machines so you can run the money to get them back. Therefore, disable any bonus that the casino offers you on deposit.

        Make sure that you have all the data validated so that you can withdraw the money at any time (take into account that the money withdrawn today enters on average 2-3 working days, and if it requires a transfer from another bank, the operation can take another 2-3 working days).

        Choose a casino that shows you confidence, based on reviews and specialized forums. There are thousands of online casinos, but many of them will do their best to make your withdrawals to force you to keep playing or they will stick down your throat the kind of bonus we talked about above so that the money will stay with them in the end.

        Very important, if you are not willing to invest the minimum we recommend, do not try with a smaller amount because your chances will not be so high.

If you follow the rules we recommend, I guarantee you'll have a steady source of income. To convince yourself of the success of the algorithm, you can try to apply it to an online demo roulette that does not require any investment money.

        If you don't have money to invest and you want to help someone, you can recommend the method to someone who needs it.

General tips:

1) Don't be greedy, we know you'll be tempted to increase the unit even if you haven't reached the amount we recommend yet, but in doing so you won't have the same chances at all and you'll risk losing everything. Play responsibly!

2) Play calculated and put a fixed amount that you can reach during the game time that you are willing to dedicate, as a kind of well-paid job.

3) Stay humble