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      If you've never used an online casino, you can consider yourself a down-to-earth person, but if you're used to gambling, we don't blame you. We all want to make money fast and sometimes a casino just winks at you. But the truth is that most casinos only use slots games that are programmed to give back much less than the cash in, so your chances of leaving with profit are low or very low depending on the casino.

     The only games where the casino can not change our chances of winning and that's because the chances are in their favor from the start and they don't need to change the program, but over time people have discovered that they can increase their chances in their favor by a lot if they use some strategies.


       Even a simple strategy like the 'Martingale System' (roulette doubling strategy) has brought huge profits to people, but now we've stepped in and created the 'Spread System', currently the safest strategy in the world at this moment. Our program was designed in months of calculations and possible variants and arrived in the final form with a probability of winning over 99.6% per session if you respect the parameters we recommend, to mention that we can't talk about 100% of winning at a game of chance, that would mean that the player has infinite chances.

      The best thing about it is that it works in units, which means it can be used for small amounts as well as large amounts of currency.

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      Our website was launched in early 2020, and our software was free for several months during which time we made more than 2000 happy members. Unfortunately, it was closed due to some legal issues, but now we're back and we're no longer legally allowed to accept your donations, so we implemented this monthly payment system for you in order to use our software. We want to thank everybody for their support and generosity when our software was still in the beta stage. Our previous members will receive one month for free.